J. Frank Dobie College Prep Academy

School Policies

Cell Phone Policy
 Students will be allowed to use electronic devices during the following times:

-In the gym and cafeteria before first period/block
-In the hallways while moving from class to class. (Students, be mindful of the time!  No Tardies!)
-In the cafeteria during lunch periods. Please remember, Administrators may ask for electronic devices to be put away for important announcements or programs. 
-In the classroom ONLY if designated by the teacher as an educational tool. There will be no cell phone usage during Advisory. 

1st Documented Incident: Teacher intervention from the Intervention Option Bank, ECST
2nd Documented Incident: Teacher intervention, ECST, Parent contact by teacher
3rd Documented Incident: Teacher intervention,Parent contact by teacher, Restorative Conference between teacher, student and AP
4th Documented Incident: DEEDS referral and Parent Contact by AP, administration will pick up phone, parent will pay $15 and pick phone up from office
Dress Code
J. Frank Dobie College Prep Academy will follow the AISD dress code policy. 
6th grade will wear orange, collared shirts
7th grade will wear grey, collared shirts
8th grade will wear black, collared shirts
*** The exceptions to this rule are Spirit Day Thursday when Dobie students may wear t-shirts with reference to Dobie clubs, teams, organizations, etc.

Friday is college day and students can wear any t-shirt with logos or reference to any university or college.
Students will not wear inappropriate clothing which includes:

  • violent language or images, images or language depicting drugs or alcohol or any illegal item or activity, 
  • hate speech, profanity, pornography, 
  • or images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment. 
    • Dress Code will be handled by grade levels.
      • Grade levels will have a google spreadsheet which will include all student names. 
      • Teachers will enter the date next to the students’ name.
      • First infraction will be a lunch intervention on Tuesday. (Teacher driven)
      • Second infraction will include lunch intervention on activity day. (Thursday)
      • Third infraction will be an after school intervention.
      • For each infraction after the third, it will be an after school intervention.