J. Frank Dobie College Prep Academy

Principal's Message

Greetings Dobie Family,

It is an honor to be serving as the new principal of Dobie Middle School. Over the past few days, I have been welcomed by staff, parents, and students. It has been a great experience getting to know each one of you. I look forward to interacting even more with the dedicated people of the Dobie community.

I want to acknowledge the tremendous challenge that this year has presented and the incredible resilience that students, staff, and families have shown throughout this entire time. While certain situations have not been ideal, the commitment to teaching and learning at Dobie is one that I have seen rise above it all.

A little bit about myself and the journey that led me to Dobie Middle School. I am currently in my fourteenth year in education. Throughout those years, I have worked towards building my own leadership through meaningful experiences. I have served as a substitute, a teacher, an elementary principal, a high school assistant principal, and a district director of professional development. However, my most important role is that of a learner.

I strongly believe that learning happens every day and that effort creates ability which will lead to results. I look forward to learning every day with you and giving maximum effort as we all work toward making Dobie Middle School an exemplary campus.


Mr. Garcia